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  • Hollis Jo McCollum

The Queen Witch is Coming...

You read that right! The long awaited sequel to To Save a World is coming out in the spring of 2023! All drafts are written, most of the editing is complete (still tweaking, of course haha), cover design is nearly complete and working on the page layout. So yea, feeling quite good about the progress so far.

In this sequel you will find that your favorite characters from To Save a World have returned. It's twenty years later, and their family has grown. They have all been living happy lives. Of course, that means I went ahead and messed all that up for them. What's a good story without turmoil and heartache, right? They get into some serious trouble with fairies, Tim is very ill, and the world of Raashan is in jeopardy again. You could say it gets a bit hairy. The good news is that there are are couple of new friends to help them resolve all the turmoil, and a little romance to keep things spicy.

Cover reveal to come in January!

Haven't read To Save a World yet? Click here to get your copy today and see what all the fuss is about.

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