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Spare the Swallow Cover Reveal

I am abundantly pleased to share with you to brilliant cover designed by Dio Jensen for my upcoming Greco-Roman fantasy novel, Spare the Swallow. Here it is!

Spare the Swallow will be officially released on October 20, 2022 and will be available for pre-sale orders in the next few days. Stay tuned for the bookshop link to be posted in a blog post as soon as it's available!

Back cover synopsis for your enticement:

"When everything is going so right, it turns painfully wrong. Lucretia is a young woman living a charmed life with her best friend, Issic, in their home city of Mirari. Though, an ill-fated mandate looms overhead that she cannot deny, no matter how hard she tries. Dreams of the supreme goddess plague her sleep with vague horrors, and war is brewing like a storm cloud over her people. They are forcibly thrust into unfamiliar, frightening circumstances they must rally against to save themselves. The conflict of war clashes as she realizes she is helplessly in love. How can she possibly be so selfish to think of her own feelings while her people need her to lead? She can’t help it. She doesn’t understand any of it. The odds are exponentially stacking against them. Nothing is right. Nothing is fair. A desperate choice must be made. Does Lucretia doom her people and all she holds dear, or does she doom the rest of the world? None of it makes any difference. She was never meant for herself."

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