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  • Hollis Jo McCollum

Rebirth of Autumn and Fairy Tales

Happy harvest season! So, the gorgeous fall weather and falling leaves has me thinking of all the renewed feelings of the season. A lot of new things have happened for me this autumn so far. So, even though spring is usually the season associated with rebirth, this year the autumn has it.

Firstly, I got married last weekend to the love of my life. Yes, I know it's a bit cheesy to call him that, but it's true. Besides, real love is often cheesy. It's one of the reasons we all enjoy it so much, right? Anyway, we are very happy and pleased with ourselves for finally getting there after five years together. We took the long way around, but it was just the right season for us.

Secondly, I'm very excited to be working with Dr. Kobus Vorster on a series of original fairy tales that relate to the sixty different techniques that are a part of his Power Therapy program. The first one is already published on Amazon!

The drawing on the posting is also mine. Honestly, it's just a page from my sketchbook and I had NO IDEA he was going to post it as the cover as I only sent it to him for character reference, but I'm pleased he liked it so much. I'll just have to make things look cleaner when I send them over from now on. Anyway, check out the ebook on Amazon for only $1.99! This is only the first in the series of sixty fairy tales, so stay tuned to see how this Power Therapy story develops.

Also, check out for more information on the program. Who knows, you may learn something about yourself in the process.

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