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I Do What I Want! - My New Podcast is Live!

You read that right. I have a podcast now! Check out the first episode available on my YouTube channel and Spotify.

Hollis Jo McCollum, Author - YouTube


*coming soon* Waiting on Spotify RSS things to be processed before I can get the link.

The first episode is called "In the Beginning..." and I talk with my best friend of almost 30 years about the inspiration that sparked my first novel, To Save a World. As you may already know if you've been to my blog and/or website before, that book was born of a roll playing game that Ashley and I played together back in 2007. I loved the adventure so much, I decided to write it down, and now I'm an author. Life it funny like that.

Check out my podcast via the above links and let me know what you think!

I'll be posting new episodes every other Sunday, so stay tuned. Next episode will be a character study of Eithne, the first main character you meet in To Save a World.

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