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  • Hollis Jo McCollum

Are you Listening?

Guess what? There are already three episodes of my podcast available for listening on my YouTube channel and Spotify!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm quite pleased about it.

I will admit that episode two needs to be listened to at a higher volume because I was too far away from the microphone. My bad. Won't happen again, promise.

Anyway, here are all the helpful links to the episodes.

Spotify channel link for I Do What I Want!

YouTube Episode 3 - no video:

YouTube Episode 3 - with video:

I also recorded a video version of episode 3, because my Mom was disappointed she couldn't see me talking on the other YouTube episodes. If you like having a video option format, let me know and I'll keep doing it for all of you as well...but mostly for my Mom ;)

Happy listening! Feel free to give me any feedback. I would really appreciate it :)

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