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21 Chieftans Press

Guess who has a new publisher? Me! I am thrilled to be a part of 21 Chieftans Press, a New York publisher. They are a brand new publisher specializing in poetry, but they graciously took me on as a fantasy novelist. I have the privilege of being friendly with the founder, Sarah Erin.

"21 Chieftans Press began as a solution to the feeling of being “taken for a ride” by the publishing industry. We pride ourselves on being a completely author-run company that promotes honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Our goal is to publish voices that would otherwise be suppressed or silenced. One of the most important aspects of sharing literature is the sense of community it creates among readers and writers alike. Here at 21 Chieftans, we make fostering an inclusive, artistic environment the top priority. The books that are born in this press are a package deal!

When the time finally came to turn 21 Chieftans Press from a possible solution to a frustrating conundrum into a full-fledged reality, the question of what to call ourselves was greatly puzzling. The CEO, Sarah Erin, made a list of places where she has felt the safest, most loved, steadily supported, and unconditionally cared for. That’s when she decided on the name 21 Chieftans, dedicating the press to her Grandparent’s memory.

21 Chieftans encapsulates the nature of being in your grandparent’s home. Your words, art, and heart will be cherished here. Join us in having your voice heard. "

~ From the Our Story section of the 21 Chieftans Press website

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