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See? I told you I would be posting again soon :D

So much has happened over the past couple months! I did my very first author interview with Untamed Publishing, which was a lovely experience. It was the featured interview for the month of April 2018. Click here to check it out.

After my interview was posted, I was contacted by one of the organizers for Lagos Comic Con and asked to be one of their featured literary speakers!!! So exciting! I couldn't believe that the largest comic con in Africa was asking me to give a presentation. I'm still completely stoked! Anyway, on September 15, 2018 I'll be speaking (via Skype) with the amazing folks of Lagos Comic Con! The nerdy geek in me still can't believe it.

I also recently did an interview with The Come Up Podcast that will be posted on their website in the next few weeks! It's a fantastic podcast full of investigative journalism and discussions on mental health and addiction. I've already listened to all the episodes. I highly recommend it.

I will post more announcements as they happen! Got a couple of book reviews brewing too! Yay!

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