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Character Spotlight: Darian MacAllow

The next main character you will meet in my book after Eithne is the dashing Captain of the Guard, Darian MacAllow. Darian is noble above all else and has a thing for Eithne's older sister, Rosalin. Also, he's super handsome.

Spoiler alert: All of my main characters are super attractive. It's just how I roll. Plus, it's easier for me to draw pretty people ;)

When I was sussing out Darian's personality for the book, I found myself basing him off of my older brother in real life. Basically, whenever I was trying to think of how he would react or say something I would simply think "what would Ross do?" and then I wrote that down. I feel that basing his personality off of someone from my real life gave him a more tangible feeling as you read him. Now, Darian is not entirely based on my brother. There are certain aspects of his personality, such as his military ways and certain cultural perceptions that are not taken from anywhere but my own imagination.

Darian is also of the Aranni tribe, and his family is one of the more highly respected families of the community for their military standing as well as generally honorable reputation. He's exactly the sort of guy you want on your side. He's calm, collected, intelligent, a formidable fighter, noble until the very end, and a great friend. Okay, he's almost perfect, but he does have his hang ups. I'll make you read the book to find out exactly what they are though!

What is his major motivation in life, you ask? Well, that's a darn noble answer too. Darian's main motivation in the book is to make his loved ones, and the people of the Aranni tribe as a whole, happy and taken care of in that crazy post apocalyptic world they all live in. Basically, he's your classic hero type, which you know we all just can't get enough of.

Please excuse the poor picture quality. I had to crop another character out of this pic and I didn't have time to draw Darian again without a buddy. Also, excuse the shirtlessness haha I generally draw people naked first and add the clothes after...and I often get lazy about finishing. Anyway, this was drawn all the way back in 2007 when my best friend and I were playing the initial game. Hope you like it!

Next up: Aram

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