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  • Hollis Jo McCollum

Getting in the Mood

You know what I'm talking about ;)


Writing. I'm talking about writing. Very sexy stuff, writing. If you do it right. Haha Okay, I'll stop with the jokes for a minute. Seriously though, you have to be in the correct sort of mood to really make the creativity move through you. We've all been there...sitting at our desk desperately trying to make good ideas pop out of our heads and onto the page. If you're not in the right creative space mentally, that road can only lead to utter frustration.

Here are some things that I do to help make sure I can get the best work out of myself, even when I'm writing on a deadline.

1. Take yourself away form any distractions. I frequently need to go to a cafe, or somewhere outside of my house to really sit down and write, because if I'm home all I can see is the carpet that needs to be vacuumed, dishes to be washed, and cat to be petted and played with. You don't necessarily have to leave your house like I do, but definitely be in a space where your focus is on your work, and nothing else.

2. Put on some background noise. I love the cafe because it comes with built in background chatter and music. I wouldn't recommend anything with lyrics that you are prone to pay attention to, but classical music or even nature sounds will do wonders for your focus.

3. Have food and water readily available. This is a big one for me. I can't do anything at all if I'm hungry...completely helpless. So, have some lovely snacks and water (or whatever beverage you like) within easy reach. This way, you can continue to write away for hours without taking a break. I would still take bathroom breaks though. That's quite necessary.

4. Meditate for a few minutes before beginning to write. It may seem a bit hokey to you, but trust me, clearing your mind of distractions will open it up to so many wonderful possibilities. It also relaxes you physically, which makes everything better :)

5. Be comfortable above all else. Personally, I like to write while wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. Nothing scratchy or pulling at me to make me suddenly feel self conscious and take my mind off of the task at hand. Just another wonderful use for yoga pants that isn't working out haha. This applies for how you situate yourself as well. If the chair is uncomfortable, move. You're not going o get anything done if you're not comfortable.

Hope these help you as they help me. Now go get it on!


I mean writing. Go get your writing on.

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