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  • Hollis Jo McCollum

I'm just a girl living in a fantasy world...

This is my first blog post. How am I doing so far? Your feedback is welcome and appreciated here.

So, I want to talk a little bit about the world of fantasy that I choose to dwell in, because, well, reality is boring. I have never really understood people who don't indulge in fantasy from time to time. It simply makes life more fun, so why deny yourself of something with limitless possibilities and outcomes (and is totally free)?

I chose to go a bit deeper and create my very own fantasy world for my novel called Raashan. Raashan is a pretty happening place, except for the whole post-apocalyptic, world is dying thing. You see, years ago all the gods of Raashan got into an argument over how the world should be run. An argument turned into a feud...the feud became a war...and then all the gods sort of accidentally killed each other. Oops. Bad form, gods of Raashan.

So, this is the world that we find the characters living in: a slowly dying planet with no proper management. Unpredictable weather patterns, mountain ranges springing up over's chaos. On top of all that, with the death of the gods the magic seemed to have left the world as well! Mages everywhere suddenly found themselves powerless (and completely defenseless against bullies), for without the gods, there was no source of the magic. It is rumored that certain pockets of magic still exist in Raashan, but they are just rumors...or are they?

Demographically speaking, Raashan has three main humanoid races: Elves, Demons and Humans. There is a lot of friction and stereo-typing between these three groups (on all sides), and so you rarely see one fraternizing with the other. Still, each race has a role to play, and can get along when they want to. Truth be told, they really aren't so different from one another at all.

Geographically speaking, Raashan is similar to our little blue planet in terms of atmosphere and vegetation. Though, there are no tropical zones, which is a pity for entire population. They have no idea what they are missing. Below is a relief map I painted with watercolors of the world of Raashan. It is smaller than Earth, but they were still able to pack just as much trouble into it.

The map thing

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