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Optimist. Traveler. Storyteller. Silly Person.

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I do what I want.


Ancient Cultures Fanatic To Fantasy Adventurer! Growing up a Navy brat gave me an extreme case of wanderlust and paved the way to becoming certifiably obsessed with ancient cultures, travel, and writing. Living abroad as a child helped to foster a sense of fun and wonderment at the world around me. Suffice to say that I loved my childhood so much so, that perhaps I never really grew up in my own head. Basically, you should never stop playing. The colors are much brighter that way!

I lived in the Czech Republic, and got internationally certified as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) right after graduating university with a degree in World History (specializing in the ancient Etruscans of Italy). Once proficient in Czech and Italian, I can also speak smatterings of Spanish, Japanese, and French. I can ask where the bathroom is in many languages. In short, I'm a good tourist. I've had the pleasure of visiting over twenty five countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, and South Korea. No plans to stop traveling ever.

When I was eleven I met Ashley, my very best friend and more of a sister, actually. One of the many activities we bonded over in our mutual creative nerdiness was playing Dungeons & Dragons. Over thirty years later, we are still super geeks creating wonderful adventures and characters in between our adult lives.

One of our adventures was the inspiration for my first novel, To Save a World.

Also, I love cheese.

I do what I want.


Writing Workshop on Character Development

February 25, 2023
from 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Let's face it, good character development is integral to writing great stories. Why? Because if the reader doesn't care about your characters, they don't care about the story.

I'll show you my process for creating characters that are so well developed that they come to life in your own mind and practically write the story for you.

Only $25!
*Button will take you to an Eventbrite page for registration.

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I Do Things

Spare the Swallow is officially released!

Click here to order your copy today.

Don't forget to leave a review! It helps me out A LOT, so please do :)

My first novel, To Save a World, is available via the Amazon link at the top, right hand corner of this website or wherever books are sold. 4.7 stars on Amazon and 4.8 stars on Goodreads.

The sequel to To Save a World coming out in spring 2023! This is 100% due to reader request, and I am unspeakably grateful to all my readers for wanting more. The sequel is called The Queen Witch and I will be posting updates on my blog and social media about its progress.

I've got a podcast! Yes, exactly like everyone else haha. That's just what we do these days. I talk about writing, my books (of course), and other things writing and reading related. It's called I Do What I Want! and can be accessed via the Spotify or YouTube links above. 

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