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Ancient Cultures Fanatic To Fantasy Adventurer! Growing up a Navy brat gave me an extreme case of wanderlust and paved the way to becoming certifiably obsessed with ancient cultures, travel, and writing. Living abroad as a child helped to foster a sense of fun and wonderment at the world around me. Suffice to say that I loved my childhood so much so, that perhaps I never really grew up in my own head. Basically, you should never stop playing in life. The colors are much brighter that way!

I lived in the Czech Republic, and got internationally certified as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) right after graduating university. Once proficient in Czech and Italian, I can also speak smatterings of Spanish, Japanese, and French. I can ask where the bathroom is in many languages. In short, I'm a good tourist. I've had the pleasure of visiting over twenty five countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, and South Korea. No plans to stop travelling ever.

My Father retired from the Navy when I was eleven, and I met Ashley, my very best friend and more of a sister, actually. One of the many activities we bonded over in our mutual creative nerdiness was playing Dungeons & Dragons. Over twenty five years later, we are still super geeks creating wonderful adventures and characters in between our adult lives. One of our adventures was the inspiration for my first novel, To Save a World, for which I am presently writing a sequel.

Also, I love cheese.


The Things I Do and am Doing

I am so excited to announce that the audio book of To Save a World is in production! It will be available on Audible, iTunes Books and Amazon once published. Presently, COVID has stalled production, but I will announce the release date when I know myself.

Since publishing To Save a World in July 2017 (purchase your own copy via the Amazon icon at the top, right hand corner of this page), I have completed writing a second novel. This second novel has nothing at all to do with the first one. Still a fantasy novel, but it's not even the same world. It deals in some darker themes, so if you want to see my dark side, you should give it a read once it's published. Also, due to multiple reader requests, I'm presently working on the sequel to To Save a World! 

Check out my social media pages (mostly Instagram and YouTube) for regular updates.



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   What's in the Blog?   

In case you wondered what sort of content you will find in my blog, it is a combination of writing tips and strategies, as well as general announcements regarding my personal journey as an author.

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